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  • Buss fuses

    Buss Fuses

    Buss fuses with time delay 20A, 25A, 30A

  • Cover Remover

    Cover Remover

    Model: Ultra Lift Deck Or Cabinet Mount

    • Unique sliding-bracket mounting system allows you to mount your cover lifter directly to your spa skirt deck or floor and adjust to fit the tightest of spaces.
    • Safe and simple design includes a built-in pivot design and locking pin
    • Adjust the open cover height to your liking: high for greater privacy or low for an unobstructed view.
    • Install in less than an hour with just a drill, screwdriver and a few other basic tools
    • Features heavy-duty 1-1/4″ diameter tubing and corrosion-resistant powder-coating
    • Used for fixed mounting
    • Requires 10-14″ clearance behind spa 5″ on each side
  • Heater Element

    Heater Element 4 KW

    • Style: Bowtie
    • Volts: 240
    • KW: 4
    • Replaces: 12-0102-K
  • Heater Element

    Heater Element 5.5 KW

    • Style: Bowtie
    • Volts: 240
    • KW: 5.5
  • Spa Filters

    Spa Filters

    We carry a wide variety and size of spa filters, with name brands like Unicel, Pleatco, and Pro Aqua.

  • Spa Scents

    Spa Scents

    Spa scents bath or hot tub use.

  • Seals

    Various Seals

    • Shaft Size: 5/8″
      City Line: CL-200C
      Us Seal: PS-3960
    • Shaft Size: 3/4″
      City Line: CL-201C, CL-4265
      US Seal: PS-4265
    • Shaft Size: 5/8″
      Type: Premium
      City Line: CL-200
      US Seal: PS-200
    • Shaft Size: 3/4″
      Type: Premium
      City Line: CL-201
      US Seal: PS-201
    • Shaft Size: 5/8″
      Type: Premium
      City Line: CL-100
      US Seal: PS-100
    • Shaft Size: 5/8″
      Style: Reverse
      Type: Premium
      City Line: CL-1000
      US Seal: PS-1000
  • Wanda Electric Vacuum Broom

    Wanda Electric Vacuum Broom

    PoolStyle K850DIS/SCP Green/Gray Wanda Electric Vacuum Broom is aBattery-powered pump, no need for hoses or electrical cords. Perfect for small pools and spas. 6’ 3” telescoping handle with ergonomic grip and locking mechanism.

    Requires 8 AA batteries (not included).

  • Water Bobble

    Water Bobble

    When Properly Placed In The Skimmer, The Water Bobble Removes Contaminants Right Off The Surface. Stopping The Bacteria Laden Dead Skin, Body Oil, And Makeup, From Going Round & Round, Within Your Circulatory System. The Majority Of The Dead Skin, Will Collect On The Zorbie, Rather Than Congeal On Your Filter.

  • Wellness Scents

    Wellness Scents

    Wellness scents for your bath or hot tub.

  • X10 Water Filter

    X10 Water Filter

    The X10 water filter is a great way to ensure that the water you are filling your spa with is the cleanest you can possibly get it!